What do we know about the Azzurri?

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On Tuesday, the Italian Football Federation released a list of their players for the 2017-18 season.

It contains a number of surprises, including a new name for the club.

The names of the Azzi are a little different than the rest of the Italian league, according to the list.

The Azzura have a different jersey colour, as they do not wear a white or a red jersey.

This means that the team does not wear the usual yellow and red kit.

Instead, the Azza wear a yellow and blue jersey.

The squad is composed of six players, three from each side of the pitch.

The most important player in this group is the striker Mario Balotelli, who is still recovering from an ankle injury.

The number three shirt has been replaced with the same shirt as the other two teams, the Giro d’Italia team and the Turin giants.

There is also a new shirt, a yellow shirt, but this time the team has been renamed as the Aazzura.

The team’s home stadium is a neutral ground, which makes it even more unique.

It will be home to the first game of the season, the first-ever encounter between the two sides in Turin.

This fixture will be played in the new ground, at the San Giuseppe Vittorio Emanuele Simeone’s new home.

The new stadium will be called San Giusto, after the former coach.

There are two other major changes to the AZZUDA roster, one of which will be made in the coming days.

The other is that the club is going to be sold.

The sale of the team will be announced on Tuesday, which means that we will have to wait until then to find out more about the sale.

It is unclear what kind of price the sale will bring, but we can expect that the new owners will try to pay around €10m.

We can also expect that this sale will not come without controversy.

The club has already been accused of racist chanting during the previous season and of having racist members.

The new owners have to be careful with the amount of racism they allow to continue.

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