Steel plate is for sale in San Diego

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By Tom TinglePublished Mar 04, 2018 08:05AMSAN DIEGO (Wired) – Steel plate for sale for $11,900 on eBay was one of the items being displayed at the San Diego Comic-Con trade show.

Auction house Fetch.com had the item for sale at the event, but it’s unclear if it’s being sold on the auction site or eBay.

A listing for it at eBay’s Superhero Auctioning site indicates that it was purchased for $8,000.

The seller’s bio on the listing said that the plate is a new steel plate for a “superhero” who has been created by a special group of people to fight evil.

“The plate will be made by using a combination of high-tech techniques, such as lasers and thermite, that can melt metal, break apart, and deform it in such a way that the plates can be used to create more powerful, more durable, and more durable items,” the listing states.

“We have also tested the plates on a variety of surfaces to make sure they won’t bend, scratch, or otherwise degrade when handled and used.”

The seller did not specify which specific plates it was for, but there’s no indication that it’s for the new Superman armor or other superhero-related products.

A description on the Fetch listing says the plates are made of a “soft, durable stainless steel that will hold up to an impact, and can withstand an extreme temperature of up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,800 degrees Celsius) for several hours at a time.”

The listing says that the material was designed by a group of “heroes” to help protect people from evil.

The description said that a few hundred of the plates were made for the “Superhero Registration Team” and that the rest were “sold as collectibles.”

Fetch.co has not responded to a request for comment.

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