‘Steel Plate’ Edmonton’s first ‘Steel Eating Plate’ is in the works

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On Saturday, a team of Edmonton’s Steel Plate Edmonton is set to open its doors for a full day of cooking, dining and socializing.

The “Steel Plate” is part of the company’s plan to bring more social events to the city, and to create a new kind of dining experience for people.

“We really want to do something that’s not only new, but also different from what we have in place in other parts of Edmonton,” said Steel Plate Edmonton CEO and co-founder John Lister.

“And that’s the idea behind this ‘Steel plate’.”

For the event, Steel Plate is taking its first step into the food truck world, and will be using a food truck to host the event.

The company has been doing events at the same location for about a year, and has already had a couple of clients.

“The city is the most popular city for restaurants, and so we’ve been able to have a really good experience with that,” said Lister, adding the new event is an opportunity to take things a step further.

The event will be held at Steel Plate’s new facility on Highway 2, near the intersection of Highway 417 and Highway 7.

The event will feature a live DJ and DJ set, plus a buffet dinner with beer and wine.

“A lot of these people have really big appetites,” Lister said.

“So, we’re going to be catering to their appetites and really just be catering for the community and making sure they have a great time.”

I think we have a pretty good appetite for the city.

“Lister said the event is also aimed at young people, with a “small group of us” planning to help out at the event on Saturday.

He added the event will also be a chance for young people to connect with each other.”

You’re going down there with a beer and a couple beers to meet other people, and it’s a great place for that to happen,” Linder said.

Listers plans to have food trucks, music, arts and activities for the event throughout the day, including a DJ set and live DJ. “

We’re trying to encourage them to be active and make the world a better place, and a lot of that will happen online.”

Listers plans to have food trucks, music, arts and activities for the event throughout the day, including a DJ set and live DJ.

For a full schedule of events, click here.

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