A new iron-on-steel plate, made of steel, can save the world

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More about the article The iron-ons-steel plates used in the new machines are all steel, so they don’t have to be reworked to be able to handle the force of the impact.

“It’s a great technology for industrial applications and is being applied to industrial applications,” says Dr. Gokhan Vaisman, the head of the Advanced Metallurgical Technology Group at MIT.

But the steel plates don’t always have to function in a perfect fashion.

“When it comes to steel plates that can’t handle the loads that we have to put on them, that’s a problem, because they’re really hard,” he says.

That’s because the plates need to be tempered before they can be used to cut steel.

“We’ve tried a number of different designs that have failed to work, but we’ve been able to come up with some that are a good match,” says Vaismann.

The plates are made from an alloy of steel and aluminum.

The aluminum alloy has been used in other forms of high-tech equipment like cars, planes and submarines.

But Vaismans team is now applying their new plate design to the steel plate used in steel-on, steel-off machines.

It has the same strength, but can be tempered to resist impact and can be welded to a steel frame without breaking.

“The plate is not a plate but it’s the same kind of material as a steel plate,” says Gokan Vaismen, MIT professor of materials science and engineering.

“So we’ve found that when you take it out of the steel, the alloy of the aluminum gets the job done.”

The steel plate, which weighs about three pounds, is welded together and welded into a joint.

The joint is then cut away and the plate is put back together again.

The steel plates are then welded onto a steel sheet and hardened.

The welds take about two minutes to complete.

The work takes about 30 minutes.

“You can use the plate to cut an ax or a bolt or something like that and weld it together,” says Tobi Vadim, a professor of industrial design at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who is working on a similar plate.

The new technology could be used in more than just industrial applications.

“This is the first time we’ve ever used the metal alloy as a material that can actually be used for something like welding,” says Mark Tully, a researcher with the Advanced Materials Research Institute at NASA Ames Research Center, who has worked with Vaisms team.

“But I think this is really important technology for a number really cool applications.”

He says the plates could also be used as a building material for buildings.

Vaismer says the aluminum alloy is stronger than steel in some ways and can withstand a number, but is brittle in others.

“There’s a lot of potential for this alloy to become very, very good as a welding material,” he adds.

The team also tested the new plates against each other.

The result: they didn’t have the same hardness and toughness as steel.

But that’s not a problem.

The metals don’t need to meet the same standard of strength and toughness to work in any of their applications.

Vadsons team has already begun to test a variety of metal applications that are being used to replace steel plates in cars, trucks and submarines, and in other applications.

But he says he is most excited about the potential for the new technology in other uses, like for a high-strength, high-performance welded-steel system that is used in aerospace.

“For a welding system, this is the best thing to happen in a long time,” he tells Business Insider.

“I’m really excited to see what we can do with this.”

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