India’s first bending steel plate for steel toe plate is ready

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India’s top court on Monday approved the manufacture of a bending steel toe-plate that can be used in Indian steel toe plates.

The court has granted permission for a five-year trial in the case of a woman from the state of Madhya Pradesh who had complained of severe pain and numbness on her feet when she applied the steel toe for the first time.

The woman said she had suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) since she was 17 years old.

She had also developed pain when bending steel plates for the sole of her foot.

The women’s lawyer, Anil Sharma, said the court’s decision came as a surprise to him and the women’s family.

“The court’s order is a surprise, but I can say that the court has been following the case,” Sharma told reporters.

“They said the pain was caused by stress and that this pain was not related to the injury to the body.

I have always felt that pain was related to stress.”

He said the steel toes for the steel foot plate have a small steel alloy embedded inside them that is meant to absorb and prevent friction.

The alloy is then hardened to a high enough thickness to prevent the friction.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the toes should be used only on steel toes, but it has not specified which steel toe types will be made.

The steel toe designs will be submitted to the government in two years.

The new steel toe design will be tested on an average of 300 people and will be available in 2020, according to the ministry of steel.

The government said the toe will be manufactured in the national capital and available for sale nationwide.

India’s Supreme Court on Monday also granted a two-year extension to the trial of a similar case.

The court also granted an interim order to allow the women to take a third medical test.

The women are currently undergoing treatment for chronic fatigue disorder.

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