Which is better for your car? The answer is aluminum alloy or stainless steel

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The new steel plates used on car parts, and their components, could be more cost effective for many people.

The new aluminum alloy plates are a big deal for auto parts manufacturers and will help to reduce the cost of new vehicle parts, according to a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

But it comes at a cost, experts say.

They’re also one of the reasons why aluminum alloy isn’t the best choice for new vehicle components, because it’s heavier and tougher than steel.

That means it will be harder to break in.

The report found that about 60% of the aluminum alloy components that go into a new car are aluminum alloy, or about 60 percent of all the aluminum-alloy parts used in new cars.

But only 20% of all steel plates are made of aluminum, the report said.

So the question is, are we buying enough aluminum alloy?

A group of researchers at Purdue University, who have been studying the topic, believe that is the question.

They say there’s a need for a better way to make car parts.

We need better ways to make them, and it has to come from outside the manufacturing process, said senior author Daniel M. Turek, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.

“Aluminum alloy is used in many other parts of the automobile and the manufacturing of that material requires the use of high temperatures and high pressure,” Tureke said.

“The heat and pressure that occur during the assembly process and subsequent fabrication process, in addition to other physical factors, all contribute to the material’s resistance to corrosion and wear.”

If you use steel for your vehicle parts,” Turesk said, “you’re basically going to be using aluminum alloy and steel.

“A better way”Turek and his team used a new process for making aluminum alloy.

Instead of heating and casting a mixture of aluminum and steel, they simply melted aluminum alloy at low temperatures and then heated and cooled it for a short time.

“At these temperatures, the steel gets much more brittle and the aluminum gets much, much more flexible,” Turingk said.

The researchers found that the aluminum made in this process was also more durable.

They found that a new piece of aluminum alloy made with aluminum alloy had a 50% higher lifetime than a piece of steel alloy that had been made with steel alloy.

But aluminum alloy can also be harder than steel, Tureski said.

And there’s more.

Aluminum alloy can be tougher than aluminum, which is what makes it easier to break into.

“It’s not that the material is not strong,” Turski said, but it is less resilient and harder to crack.

So Tureks team is looking at making aluminum as a material for new car parts that could be less expensive.

And aluminum alloy is also being used in the production of aluminum-nickel-alloys.

Aluminum-nickels are the best of both worlds.

They are strong and flexible, but at the same time, are not as tough as steel.

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