How to fix a broken car bumper

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An engineer’s dream.

An industrial engineer’s nightmare.

A car manufacturer’s nightmare for a company that manufactures them.

That’s what happened when a man from the northern Indian state of Meenakaria took to the road to repair a broken bumper plate on his vehicle.

A man named Kumar Yadav, a mechanic and electrician, was hired by a local company to repair the bumper plates for his car.

The company that manufactured the bumper plate, Meenakey Motorcycles, paid for Kumar Yadava’s repair bill.

The company says Kumar Yadavey was also paid for the time he spent on the road repairing the damaged bumper plate.

The repair job was part of Kumar Yadavan’s business venture, Meinakari Steelplate Co Ltd.

The state government has said it wants to close the company, which has been operating for more than two decades, citing its inability to pay salaries to the workers who repair the cars.

Kumar Yadaven says he was promised by the company to be paid for every minute spent repairing the broken bumper plates.

“They told me they would pay me 10 per cent for every hour, but after 10 hours, they said they will pay me 20 per cent,” Kumar Yadavi said.

The man is currently under police investigation and the police says Kumar’s complaint was dismissed.

But Kumar Yadvav says he’s not done with his business venture.

He says he plans to sue the state government.

“If I get the government to pay the money to the employees who work for Meinakey, they will repay us the money,” Kumar said.

The Meinaku are the region’s largest indigenous tribal group, numbering more than 2,000.

Meinakhis have long faced discrimination in the state.

Meenakhs are not considered to be native to the state, which was created as a British protectorate in 1885.

But the government has repeatedly denied allegations that Meinackes have been discriminated against.

The state government claims it is a legitimate business venture that is part of the state economy.

Meinakare, who number more than 4,000, have been demanding better treatment from the government.

Their numbers have dwindled in recent years due to economic and demographic pressures.

Many tribespeople have left the area due to poor living conditions.

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