‘F*** off, I am a man!’ Man fights off attackers as he tries to save two others

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A man who fought off attackers who tried to rape his two friends in a restaurant in south Delhi was hailed a hero by some in the crowd. 

Anurag Agrawal, a 27-year-old taxi driver, told NDTV that he and his friends had been visiting their friend, Ashish, and his family at the Rajasthan Restaurant on Bapu Marg in south Delhi. 

“They were playing video games and drinking alcohol, when some miscreants attacked them.

I managed to run away, and I saw Ashish in the street and I rushed to help him.

He was in pain and was in a critical condition.

I was able to rescue him,” said Mr Agraws mother. 

Mr Agrawals father had also rushed to the scene and called a rescue ambulance for his son. 

In a statement, the police said Mr Arvind Kumar Agrawala, had sustained a severe head injury and was transferred to a nearby hospital. 

A few minutes after the attack, Mr AgRAWAL came out of his restaurant, which is on the Bapul Marg road in south-east Delhi. 

Police said they found two men in the restaurant, identified as Rohit Kumar Agarwal and his partner. 

According to a police statement, Mr Kumar Agrawal had asked Mr Agarwa to take his brother and a friend to the restaurant where they were playing with friends, where they had gone to meet some of their friends. 

When Mr Kumar AgRAWal saw his friend in a corner, he tried to stop him, but Rohit, who was sitting at the same corner, pushed him off. 

After he was dragged by Mr AgARwal, Mr Kumar said, Rohit started thrashing him and said, “I am a Hindu”. 

Mr Arvind Agrawapal said that he tried calling the police, but no one came. 

He told NDtv: “I went out to see my friend and got beaten up by him.

I called the police but no police personnel came.

I tried calling a rescue team, but there was no one available.” 

Mr AgRAWAL told NDTV: “We had come from here because we had been playing with some friends.

He had asked me to take my brother and some friends to the food place.

He did not tell me anything. 

It is my duty to protect my friend.

He is my brother.

I have been beaten up.

I had to go out and fight with him.

The police did not even come to help me.” 

A Delhi police officer told ND TV that Mr Kumar had been beaten badly after the incident. 

Rohit and Ashish Agrawald, both from the same village in south Bihar, have been identified as the attackers.

The two men were arrested after a manhunt in the city.

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