When the world’s largest steel plate gets smaller: It could be the next wave of steel plates

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Posted February 16, 2019 03:22:24When the world is facing massive sea level rise and more storms, steel plates are essential.

The new design by researchers at the University of Queensland’s School of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science is a breakthrough in designing plates that are smaller, lighter and more flexible, as they are the smallest and most flexible plates that can be manufactured using traditional technologies.

The plates can be used to make lightweight, lightweight and flexible high-strength concrete, which is needed to build coastal infrastructure, for example.

But what about those that are used to manufacture more flexible and lightweight steel plates?

“The idea was that, when we have a disaster, we need a way to reuse those plates, which in turn is the idea of this study,” Associate Professor David McLeod said.

“To make them smaller, we needed a way of building them up to make them lighter.”

That’s why the plates are so different from what you might find in conventional steel.

“Professor McLeod says a major challenge for the plate is how to make it thin enough so it won’t break in a sea-level rise event, which could pose a major problem for building projects in the region.”

One of the problems is that they can break under high sea-levels, and when they break they can fracture,” he said.

The new study is part of a multi-year research project by Professor McLeod and fellow researchers to develop a new process to manufacture steel plates that would be both thinner and lighter.

Professor McLoden said the new process was designed to be a “smart” process that could be used on a variety of plates to make new materials that are stronger and more resilient than traditional steel.”

We’ve designed this process to be very flexible, so that it can be built in different sizes to make the different sizes of plates,” he explained.”

This is the key difference between conventional steel plates and this new process.

“The research is funded by the Australian Research Council and the Australian Government’s Office of Strategic Infrastructure.

The research was published in the journal Applied Materials and Interfaces.

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