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What is a steel wedge plate?

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A steel wedge is a type of plate used to protect a goalie’s helmet.

If a goalie falls and hits his head on a steel plate, the helmet may be ripped off.

The goalie’s face may bleed.

The plate is attached to a plate-mounted steel headgear that runs along the back of the helmet.

A steel wedgie has to be able to withstand impacts, such as a player hitting a steel puck or a skate blade, and also to be strong enough to withstand the amount of force that a player will exert on it.

Some players have to take out a steel wedgy to make sure the plate stays intact.

The steel wedgies used in hockey can weigh up to 150 pounds, so if a player falls and is struck by a steel piece, he can’t just pull his helmet back on.

The hockey equipment manufacturer, which is responsible for designing and manufacturing hockey equipment, says steel wedges can be used for helmets, pads, face shields and helmets that protect players from falls.

The helmet manufacturer says it doesn’t have any information on the safety of the steel wedged in hockey.

The company says it makes helmets with a steel or a composite material, and the material is made from steel, but it doesn�t specify whether the material used is a carbon fiber composite or a similar material.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.K. National Institute for Health recommends using a steel helmet for the protection of players, but the helmets have been a hot topic since the death of goalie Ryan Miller in February, according to the CDC.

It�s not clear whether players wearing a steel visor in the NHL are more at risk than those wearing a visor made from another material.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, about 40 percent of injuries sustained by athletes in the U., Canada and Europe occur because of head-on hits or impacts from helmets.

The American Medical Association says the helmet should be the primary protection in hockey, and players should wear a protective helmet when playing.

The league has been lobbying for more safety guidelines, and has been pushing to require a head shield to be worn on the ice.

The NHL is also pushing to make helmet laws tougher and more punitive.

The owners of the Detroit Red Wings, for example, voted last month to require players to wear helmets, with no exception for players with medical conditions.

The Red Wings are now in a negotiation process with the NHL.

The National Hockey League Players� Association said it�s also looking into whether it should have its own helmet law.

The players� association has also raised questions about the validity of the concussion testing that some players are required to do when wearing a helmet.

The union said last month that it plans to file a lawsuit against the NHL, the league and the NHL Players� Associations in court.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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