9,000 guns sold online in three weeks, report finds

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9,100 guns were sold online during the first three weeks of December alone, according to, the website that tracks sales.

The figure is an increase of 1,500 over December’s sales of 6,600 guns, but the bulk of the increase came from firearms sold in California, which was the site of the largest number of sales.

The largest number was from firearms shipped from the mainland United States to China, followed by firearms shipped to Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

This is a chart of the top selling guns by state in December 2017, according the Gunbroke website.

California is at the top with a record 3,078,890 firearms shipped out of its borders.

North Dakota has a record of 2,879,921.

Oregon is at second with 2,062,923.

New York has 1,958,072.

The most popular states are Florida at 5,085,856 and Alabama at 576,724.

A report by Gunbrock, a site that tracks gun sales, said that sales rose for guns purchased in the first week of December by an average of 4,000 a day, compared with the same week last year.

That means sales rose by nearly 25 percent from December to January.

The report showed that gun sales in California grew by an estimated 8,500 during the same three-week period, up from 5,500.

The site also noted that the number of transactions between licensed gun dealers rose from 2,600 in January to 3,800 in February.

The surge in gun sales was driven by a nationwide shooting spree on Dec. 1 that left 20 dead and another 49 injured.

At the time, the White House said that the shooting was the deadliest in modern U.S. history.

Gun control advocates have argued that the surge in firearms sales reflects the success of President Donald Trump’s push to enact stricter gun laws and to ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons.

The president has also proposed a plan to allow people to carry concealed guns in bars, restaurants and shopping malls.

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