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By Jessica P. FarrarThe next big thing on the horizon for Next Big Thing is the release of the next version of the game’s engine.

It’s the next big step for Next BIG, a game studio that started in 2011 and has worked on games like World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It has a stable of core teams, from lead designer Adam Pascual to artist and musician David Smith.

It also has the help of several big companies like Intel and Microsoft.

Its next big project will be the next-generation version of a popular game engine, codenamed C++11.

In a few short weeks, the next major version of C++ will be out.

This year’s C++ Standard will be a massive update to the language, and it’s expected to be a major milestone for the industry.

But it’s the C++17 that will truly change the industry, and for the game industry.

Next BIG has been developing C++ since 2015, and its team is in the midst of writing and publishing the next C++ release.

C++ is a high-level programming language, with many of the features that have made it popular in the computer and mobile space.

But its most common use is as a library, or a collection of modules that developers can use to make software more flexible and easier to use.

In the computer world, the most popular language for C++-based code is C, but there are several other popular languages and compilers for other programming languages.

The next big new language for games is the new C++ standard, codename C++14, which will be released next year.

It will be similar to C++13, the previous standard, which has been widely used for more than a decade.

But unlike previous versions of C, C++15 is a lot more comprehensive and will be used to make C++ code more flexible, efficient and easy to read and write.

C is a programming language.

It is an imperative language, which means it is built around the idea of having a set of statements that must all run in parallel.

The more code you write, the more parallelism you need to provide.

A programming language can also be used for other tasks like procedural generation, object-oriented programming, and even data structures.

C has become one of the most-used languages in the world, and Next BIG is now developing it as a new standard.

Next Big, which was founded in 2011, is a small indie studio that is made up of developers from all over the world.

Its biggest projects include World of Tanks and Minecraft.

The company is currently building a mobile game called Iron Throne, and will launch it later this year.

C and C++ are very similar languages, and both are also widely used in the mobile world.

That means that when it comes to software, the differences are not only in syntax, but also in the way developers think about and write code.

C programmers often write more compact, declarative, and general-purpose code than their counterparts in other languages.

C code often has a structure like a tree, where each node in the tree represents a type, and each member of the tree is a property.

The structure is not very general, but the type system makes it easy to write concise, maintainable code.

If you’re writing C++, however, you may write your code in a much more complex and abstract way.

For example, a program may have a lot of fields and a lot different ways to interact with them.

These fields may be arrays, arrays of data, or classes.

You can define functions, and use them in your code.

You may have multiple methods for a single function, or you can have a method that accepts a parameter, and then return the value of that parameter.

In C, you usually need to define all these things, so you’re not just writing a function and calling it.

But in C++ you have to write all these abstract methods.

This is a big difference between C++ and C. For a C++ programmer, all the abstract methods are a huge step up from what you might see in other programming language families.

C also allows for a lot less code reuse.

When a programmer uses a C function, they may use it multiple times and reuse that function throughout their program.

C provides a lot for you to reuse.

But if you’re a C programmer, there’s only so much that you can reuse.

C’s code reuse is so small that, when you’re in C code, you’re actually only using a small amount of the language.

The way that code is structured makes it hard to reuse it.

This means that C programmers are often much more efficient than C programmers.

C programs often run faster, because they’re structured like a series of functions, rather than like a program that’s just written once.

It makes it easier to understand what’s happening in a program. A

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