How to remove the steel plate on a 4-way power adapter wiki

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The 4-Way Power Adapter is a power adapter that plugs into any USB port and allows users to plug in multiple USB devices.

However, this power adapter is made to be used with a 4×4 pin adapter.

Here are some simple steps to remove that pin from the 4-Wire Power Adapter.


Unplug all of the USB cables.


Unscrew the four 3-pin power connectors from the power adapter.


Unbolt the four 4-pin USB ports.


Pull out the 4th pin from each of the 4 pins on the power connector.


Unclip the four 8-pin cables from the top of the power cord and slide them into the sockets.


Unclamp the 4 pin on the bottom of the cable.


Unclose the four 6-pin connectors.


Unconnect the power cable from the motherboard.


Pull the 4 wire harness out of the motherboard and pull it to the edge of the PC case.


Pull down on the 4 wires on the motherboard until they all disconnect.


Remove the 4 copper pins from the bottom edge of each of these 4 wires.


Pull up on the top wire from the 5-pin cable to release it from the case.


Pull back on the 5 wire harness to release the 3 wire harness from the computer case.


Pull on the 6 wire harness and pull the 3 pin cable up to release each of those 6 pins from each side of the case (they are still in their place).


Remove all of those pins from around the edges of the connector.


Slide the 4 4-wire wires on each side over to the USB ports on the computer.


Slide a 5-wire wire through the holes on the sides of the connectors to the connectors on the back of the computer (see diagram below).


Slide two 6-wire connectors through the hole on the right side of each connector to the other connectors on each of their sides.


Slide three 8-wire connections through the bottom holes on each connector (see picture below).


Slide four 4 wire connectors through each connector.


Unhook the four power connectors, push them into each of them, and slide one 4-in-1 cable from each connector onto the power plug.


Plug the power back into the computer using the 4 power connectors and the four cable connectors.

The 4 Power Pads are a great way to replace an older power adapter and can be used on many computers.

You can also use a USB cable and a 3.5mm audio jack.


Plug all of your devices into the USB port on the USB hub.


Connect your keyboard and mouse, monitor, and other peripherals to your computer via USB.

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