This guy just stole my bike from me

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Posted June 29, 2018 06:13:11I was walking along the street in Seattle when I noticed something amiss.

My bike was covered in a thick layer of black paint.

It was a thick, black, layer of paint on the bottom of my bike.

I looked up and there was a group of people milling about.

They were making an argument about whether I was going to lose the bike. 

They were yelling at me. 

It was a black-on-black crime.

They weren’t saying anything, but they were yelling and pushing.

I felt the need to run.

I didn’t know what to do.

I’m a black woman, so I didn´t know what else to do, I didn`t know if I could get away. 

A few minutes later, I saw this guy running along the same sidewalk, walking towards me with his arm outstretched. 

I told him to stop and I was walking away.

It felt like he was trying to hit me, but I was able to stop him.

I was like, “Why are you running on the sidewalk?”

He said, “You have nothing to worry about.”

I was scared.

He kept going. 

The next thing I knew, he was right behind me.

He was yelling at him.

He told him he could have his bike back. 

My adrenaline was pumping. 

He told him, “I’m going to steal your bike!” 

He grabbed my bike and threw it into the street. 

In a few seconds, the whole group of men surrounded me.

They all got up and started beating me.

The guys ran me over with their bicycles.

I lost my bike, and my bike was stolen. 

At first I was angry. 

But after a while, I realized I wasn’t mad at him for stealing my bike—I was angry at myself for being stupid.

I think I was more angry at the group of guys who were trying to bully me.

I thought I had just done nothing wrong. 

After I recovered from my shock, I decided to talk to the guy who did it. 

We spoke on the phone for a while.

I asked him if he knew what he had done. 

“I was trying not to get into a fight,” he told me.

“I didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

I told him about the incident with the police. 

When I talked to him about it, he admitted he was the one who took my bike!

He said he was just a bit worried about me.

That’s when I realized he had just taken my bike for a ride, not for a fight. 

That night, I had another incident in the street where I was attacked by two guys.

I couldn’t tell them what I had done, but my friends told me I had tried to steal my bike the next day. 

As I was running away from the men who attacked me, I thought about all the things I had lost in my life, the things that had happened in the past year.

I wanted to forget about them. 

Since I had been attacked, I felt like I was a lost soul.

I had to come up with new ways of living my life. 

Today, I’m grateful for the lesson I learned from my incident with two young men. 

For every incident that I had, I was taught that I was too stupid to do anything about it.

I tried to be a good person, but it wasn’t enough. 

So, instead of letting this teach me the things about myself that I needed to change, I learned to take pride in the things my life has changed.

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